Free Hosting Offer

This Offer Is No Longer Valid.

I will give free hosting to people who are starting out with their online businesses. No catch. You just have to email me if you need it.

Why am I offering free hosting?

Its a good-deed thing.? I have been lucky and have found some very helpful people who helped me get where I am today. So this is my way of paying it forward. Nothing would make me happier than helping you get started with your online business.

Will the hosting be free forever?


I will never charge you for hosting. But I will expect you to move your website to another host once you gain some momentum.

So if you start receiving more than 10,000 unique visitors per month – you should look to get your own hosting.? (By that time – you should be making more than enough from your website.)

This deal is not forever. Its only supposed to get you started without any hosting risk. But there is no specific time limit. It depends on your speed of success.


  • You can’t host a personal website or blog. This offer is to get you started with your online business.
  • You can’t host a website on anything illegal.


There are no restrictions right now. I will set you up with free hosting on my liquidweb servers.

But I may create a few more rules if I find someone abusing this offer. (For eg: if you email a million people per day or something.)

This Offer Is No Longer Valid.

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