How To Get Smart People To Send You Cool Goodies For Free

1. Promoting a Newsletter

So I had started the Marketing Hotsheet to promote my consulting practice. But how to promote Marketing Hotsheet itself and attract folks to become paid subscribers?

I used various tactics to promote Marketing Hotsheet like advertising on and writing articles for other websites. But there is one tactic that completely changed my fortunes. It’s a tactic that takes less than 12 minutes a day to implement. I first learnt the tactic from Princess Diana.

2. Princess Diana’s Secret

She was known as “Shy Di.” She was a kindergarten teacher when she married Prince Charles and became the Princess of Wales. More than 750 million people witnessed her wedding on TV on July 29, 1981. And each and every one of those observers could make out that she was inexperienced and introverted – even through TV!

She has been called many a names – gawky, dorky, shy. Yet, in just a little more than a decade she transformed herself. At the time of her death in 1997, her fame and popularity surpassed that of the Queen! She was arguably the most well known and loved personality of the world, and more people cried on her death than anyone else’s in the history of the world!

How did a young and shy princess turn herself into one of the most charismatic and loved personalities of the world?

To let you in on a secret, she was still shy. But she made an effort to reach out to people – which gave her an image of being charismatic.

Her big secret of reaching out to people? She wrote thank you letters to everyone from waiters and servers to security guards and drivers to CEOs and presidents. Everyone from top to bottom received a thank you note from the princess and then became her personal evangelist.

She transformed herself from a dull and dorky kid to the charismatic and kind princess – not by changing herself, but by thanking people around her and thus changing their perception of her.

3. How To Get Busy People To Call You Back & Popular People to Send You Free Goodies

This idea of writing thank you letters everyday gripped me. I started writing one thank you letter per day. And the results were fantastic.

I attracted a lot of folks who became interested in promoting Marketing Hotsheet to their group of followers. Thank You letters became my #1 technique of attracting joint venture partners!

Besides that, there were a lot of other benefits too. Because I wrote thank you letters, very busy CEOs and presidents who charge hundreds of dollars per hour to even speak have personally called me to thank me on receiving thank you letters! People have gifted me everything from employee discounts to free books to $3,500 seminar seats!

Action Summary:

  • Write just one thank you note a day, everyday. Be disciplined enough to write just one letter a day and your fame will grow far and wide too.

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