Is Blue The Colour of Success And Riches?

The colour survey: Sandtex Paints surveyed 3,000 households in UK. They check the colour of the homes. And then ask questions about how successful that household is. The survey results?

Colour = Household income on average

Blue = 38,000 pounds
Red = 23,500 pounds
White = 23,400 pounds
Magnolia = 23,100 pounds
Beige = 20,800 pounds
Orange = 20,000 pounds
Purple = 19,600 pounds
Grey = 19,000 pounds
Yellow = 18,500 pounds
Brown = 18,400 pounds
Pink = 14,500 pounds
Green = 13,100 pounds

But does that really mean that if you paint your home blue, you’ll become more successful?

That is highly doubtful. Just because there is a correlation doesn’t mean that the colour of your homes cause your success or failure. There could be various other reasons that lead to such numbers.

Eg: Blue paint could be more expensive. Leading to only rich folks indulging in it. Or that the decor and furniture that goes with blue is usually more expensive (silver goes very well with blue…)

Because otherwise, Jodhpur would be the richest city in the world!

Jodhpur – The Blue City*

I love reading such random surveys. But its even more fun if the folks conducting the surveys dig a bit deeper to find the cause and effect.

* Legend says that Jodhpur is painted blue to keep the mosquitoes away. But even that seems far fetched. Any colour + history mavens have time to find out the real reasons?

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