Old Stuff

I recently found a backup copy of some of my very very old work.  Probably from 1999 to 2003.  This page archives them. A few of my designing stints from highschool and college. Nothing to brag about, I was a pretty ordinary designer with hardly any skills worth talking. But this is my online heritage.

(They are not listed in chronological order.)

Take 90 Design.

Real Estate website 1

Real Estate website 2

Portal Masters
Probably my first personal website. Had hosted it on Geocities.

Advance International

Adsol version 1
Had taken and modified a DHTML script. It was awesome!

Adsol version 2

MaxMailer Early Design Concept

MSU ASU Design.
Designed for Yared who was my floor mate during my freshmen year at MSU.

Marketing Verdict
Precursor to BizTactics.com

What it would have been before I met Sean D’Souza. The salesletter is pretty good, although I don’t recall my inspiration for it now.

Probably my first newsletter based website. Had done quite well too, in terms of traffic. Not very well in making money though. This website had a cool autoresponder series too. And this is the website which first got me collecting stories.

Had an idea of creating a reddit / digg type site for marketing. Unfortunately, my lack of coding skills led to my working with a not so good coder who I found from a freelance website. And so the simple project took months and had tons of bugs in it. Ah well.

My first commercial success. The story of MaxMailer is mentioned here.

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