Podcast on Social Media Marketing & Affiliate Marketing

Some of you know that I’m not too comfortable with phone (I am not the best on phone due to the accent and lack of a powerful voice).  And for the longest time, I’ve always refused telephonic interviews and podcast requests.

But recently I decided to get out of my comfort zone.  And have started testing the waters.

Recently, Vivek Khandelwal of VoiceTap.in invited Aditya Rao and yours truly to do a podcast on social media marketing and affiliate marketing for websites.  Aditya Rao spoke on social media marketing while I gave tips on affiliate marketing.

If you’re brave enough to listen to it and get past my voice to gain value from the content – then here is the link:

Voicetap Podcast on Social Media Marketing and Affiliate Marketing – with Aditya Rao and Ankesh Kothari
(Note: audio starts automatically.)

(Downloadable link for folks who want to download and listen to it on your ipods at your own leisure.)

I may do these a lot more often because a couple of reviews have not been too bad.  We’ll see.  Thanks.

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