Smart Waiters & Dumb Burglars (How To Use Subtle Hints To Get Things Done)

1. Smart Waiters Secret

Waiters Waiting

Late at nights when business is slow, many restaurants adopt a “Sit Yourself” policy – where diners come and select their own tables.

This changes the whole ball game for waiters who make most of their money in tips. Because if a diner comes and selects to sit on another waiter’s table, all the other waiters working in the restaurant may have nothing to do but wait – and lose out on any tips for 30-60 minutes!

So here is what smart waiters do to make sure more people come and sit at their tables instead of their co-workers tables:

When they see someone approaching their door, they go to a table in their area and start wiping it with a towel. They then straighten the condiments and walk away briskly.

9 times out of 10 – the new diner will come and sit at their table – just because of their cleaning and setting up the table in front of their eyes!

2. Power Buy Buttons

Do you want to know an easy way to increase the number of sales on your website? Simply add the picture of the mouse pointer to your buy buttons!

Buy Buttons

Various split tests show that a buy button with the mouse pointer increases response rate by 18 to 45%!

Demonstrate to people where to click, and your click through rate will go up!

3. Burglar Proofing Your Home

Burglars love vacation time when people leave their homes and go on vacations. To prevent burglaries, you could buy fancy sophisticated alarm systems. But here are some extremely low cost ways that are almost as effective as the alarm systems:

Beward of Dogs

1. Put a big dog dish and the largest bone you can find outside the front door. Put up a “Beware of Dog” sign too.

2. Setup a dummy camera next to the entrance of your house.

3. Don’t allow daily deliveries of mail, newspapers or fliers to build up when you are away. Ask the post office to hold your mail, or ask your friend or neighbor to take them regularly.

4. Invest in automatic timers to switch a few of the lights in your home on automatically during evenings.

Do these simple things so that the burglars don’t get the signal that your home is empty. And it’ll be 95% as effective in preventing burglaries as expensive alarm systems.

Action Summary:

  • Show people that you are prepared.
  • Give them appropriate cues and signals.
  • And they’ll do as you want them to.


The best place to hide your valuables is in the top shelf of your kitchen. Because statistics show that during 90% of the burglaries, the kitchen remains untouched!

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