Steven Spielberg’s Secret to Riches

Steven Spielberg is undoubtedly a gifted director. But did you know that even if Spielberg does not direct a movie, he still earns more than $30 million a year?

Yes. Universal theme park pays a whole 2% of all ticket sales to Spielberg. Which amounts to over $30 million a year!  Why? Because Spielberg allows them to run an “Indiana Jones” ride.

That’s the power of repackaging and licensing.  That’s the ticket to making easy money.

So when Michael Keesee – a Wizard of Ads partner – approached me to co-author a book, I agreed. He took a few of my Marketing Hotsheet case studies, added some more kick ass marketing content to it, and converted it into a book.

Unfortunately, by the time the book got published – I was focusing all my energies on other ventures beyond marketing. And so, I didn’t push the promotion on the book as hard as I ought to. And as a result, the book didn’t hit any of the best sellers list.

But the book is awesome. Just read a few of the unsolicited amazon reviews we’ve received:

Strategy Daddy by Michael Keesee & Ankesh Kothari

Note: the book was going to be called Magic Bullets. But we faced some last minute naming problems due to already existing trademarks. And hence, went with our work-in-progress name.

Action Summary:

  • Work once and get paid over and over again. Repackage your work. License your work. Syndicate your work. Resell your work. Rent your work. The money is in licensing.

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